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J. Kevin Franks

People who need a skilled Criminal Defense or Personal Injury Attorney get the legal help they need at the Law Office of R. J. Kevin Franks, LLC, in Decatur, GA. Mr. Franks provides advice, counsel and representation for all types of criminal cases, including appeals. He also is a skilled advocate for those persons who want to fight for their rights through Personal Injury claims.

Law Office of R. J. Kevin Franks, LLC

We welcome new clients at the Decatur, GA, Law Office of R. J. Kevin Franks, LLC. We respond quickly to new inquiries and always answer client questions promptly. Your case will be handled personally by Mr. Franks, and not passed off to someone else. We understand your need to understand the legal processes you are involved in, and we work diligently to help every client get the best possible outcome.

Attorney J. Kevin Franks

Serving people from Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton and Cobb Counties, Attorney J. Kevin Franks is a trusted legal advisor, well-respected by his clients and other attorneys. He has been an active member of the local legal community since earning his J.D.-Juris Doctor Law Degree from Georgetown University, in 1966. Attorney Franks also was first licensed to practice law in Georgia in 1996. After many years of legal work with others and at his own law firm, he opened his current law office in Decatur, GA, in 2011.

Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney J. Kevin Franks is an experienced Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney, with a broad background advocating for justice for adults and juveniles. He also defends people accused of quasi-criminal matters that involve Warrant Application Hearings, TROs, & TPOs.

If you are accused or charged with a criminal offense, you need prompt legal defense from an attorney who knows local and state court systems. A criminal record will stay with you forever, and can cause untold problems throughout your future. Attorney Franks can help you address current legal issues and make appeals on previous convictions, to reduce or expunge prior offenses.

Decatur Personal Injury Attorney

Attorney J. Kevin Franks has helped hundreds of people find justice following accidental injuries that caused pain, suffering, financial woes and other claims. Injuries that are due to negligent behavior by another person or company can be addressed through proper legal channels in Georgia. Mr. Franks wants to help you and your loved ones receive fair compensation when a Personal Injury disrupts your lifestyle, abilities and income.

Learn more today, by contacting the Law Office of R. J. Kevin Franks, LLC, in Decatur, GA. Call us now, at (404) 373-3653.

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