Practice Areas

Adult Criminal Defense

Regardless of the details surrounding your current criminal case, you deserve high-quality representation from a lawyer you can trust. For the ultimate in criminal defense, consider working with Kevin Franks, LLC. A respected attorney with an excellent reputation in and around Decatur, Georgia, Kevin Franks provides the proactive representation his clients desire. He treats all of his clients with the respect they deserve, taking the time to build the strong attorney-client relationships necessary for success in court.
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Juvenile Advocacy

Juvenile criminal cases present a unique set of challenges for the lawyers asked to defend minors charged with committing crimes. Kevin Franks holds a thorough understanding of Georgia's juvenile justice system and uses this impressive knowledge to resolve a variety of juvenile matters. If you or a loved one has been accused of committing a crime and now faces a complicated ordeal with Georgia's juvenile criminal justice system, it is in your best interest to get in touch with a respected law firm such as Kevin Franks, LLC. Kevin Franks proudly represents minors charged in the Juvenile Courts of Metropolitan Atlanta. He will do whatever it takes to secure a favorable resolution for you or your child's criminal case.
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Quasi-Criminal Matters

Kevin Franks has achieved an excellent reputation for his adept handling of juvenile and adult criminal cases, but his reach extends far beyond typical criminal cases. The Decatur lawyer also handles a variety of quasi-criminal matters, including those involving motor vehicle offenses, regulatory offenses not classified as misdemeanors, truancy cases and more. Kevin Franks is the ideal legal representative to have at your side as you navigate Decatur's complicated legal system.
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