Adult Criminal Defense

Regardless of the details surrounding your current criminal case, you deserve high-quality representation from a lawyer you can trust. For the ultimate in criminal defense, consider working with Kevin Franks, LLC. A respected attorney with an excellent reputation in and around Decatur, Georgia, Kevin Franks provides the proactive representation his clients desire. He treats all of his clients with the respect they deserve, taking the time to build the strong attorney-client relationships necessary for success in court.

Criminal Charges: How A Decatur Lawyer Can Help

If you have been accused of committing a crime, it is in your best interest to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The right criminal lawyer can provide targeted guidance throughout the entirety of the defense process. During initial questioning and police interrogations, a skilled criminal attorney can ensure that self-incrimination does not take place. If the accused individual is detained, his or her lawyer can assist with the securing of bail bonds. From there, a criminal lawyer such as Kevin Franks thoroughly investigates all details related to the case. This independent investigative process may result in the unearthing of new and useful details that favor the accused individual. Depending on the clients’ charges and wishes, a plea deal may be available, with the end result of plea bargaining often involving dropped or reduced charges.

In addition to providing much-needed legal representation in the midst of interrogations, plea negotiations, criminal investigations and courtroom proceedings, the ideal criminal defense attorney will also demonstrate a clear sense of compassion for his clients, many of whom are forced to deal with severe stress and anxiety in the face of criminal sentencing. Kevin Franks understands the emotional duress experienced by his clients; he is willing to listen to their concerns and serve as a much-needed source of support throughout the entirety of the legal process.

Kevin Franks, LLC: Trusted Criminal Defense In Georgia

Although he is known for his adept handling of juvenile criminal cases, Kevin Franks also works extensively with adults accused of committing a variety of crimes. He is very familiar with the unique legal landscape of Decatur, Georgia — and he uses this thorough understanding to secure favorable resolutions for his valued clients. Whether you are currently dealing with misdemeanor charges or a potential felony conviction, you can count on Kevin Franks for excellent advice and representation.

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