Juvenile Advocacy

Juvenile criminal cases present a unique set of challenges for the lawyers asked to defend minors charged with committing crimes. Kevin Franks holds a thorough understanding of Georgia’s juvenile justice system and uses this impressive knowledge to resolve a variety of juvenile matters.

Common Juvenile Delinquency Cases

Kevin Franks, LLC is equipped to provide legal representation for a wide array of juvenile delinquency cases, but certain charges involving minors prove far more common than others. Many juvenile criminal cases involve theft; a number of minors are forced to seek legal representation after they have been accused of shoplifting. Other typical juvenile charges include drug abuse, driving under the influence of alcohol and disorderly conduct.

Very few juvenile criminal cases involve violent offenses such as aggravated assault, robbery or rape. However, Kevin Franks is willing to offer representation for the few juvenile clients who are accused of committing violent crimes. In such cases, the initial priority is to ensure that the client is tried in juvenile court, as it is not uncommon for those charged with violent crimes to be tried as adults.

The Repercussions of Juvenile Criminal Charges

Although juvenile sentences tend to be more lenient than those involving adults, the long-term impact can be far more devastating for minors. Depending on the severity of the crime, minors found guilty may be removed from their homes and placed in foster homes or juvenile detention centers. Not only can the ensuing lack of stability prove problematic, a stay in a detention center can stunt educational and emotional growth. Typically, placement in a foster home or detention center is limited to those charged with committing violent crimes, as well as those with several repeat offenses. Penalties for less severe crimes may include probation, drug counseling and community service. Additionally, the juvenile’s record may be marred; although these records are generally supposed to be kept confidential, future employers and other parties may have greater access than initially suspected.

Kevin Franks, LLC: A Reliable Resource For Juvenile Matters

If you or a loved one has been accused of committing a crime and now faces a complicated ordeal with Georgia’s juvenile criminal justice system, it is in your best interest to get in touch with a respected law firm such as Kevin Franks, LLC. Kevin Franks proudly represents minors charged in the Juvenile Courts of Metropolitan Atlanta. He will do whatever it takes to secure a favorable resolution for you or your child’s criminal case.

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