Quasi-Criminal Matters

Kevin Franks has achieved an excellent reputation for his adept handling of juvenile and adult criminal cases, but his reach extends far beyond typical criminal cases. The Decatur lawyer also handles a variety of quasi-criminal matters, including those involving motor vehicle offenses, regulatory offenses not classified as misdemeanors, truancy cases and more. Kevin Franks is the ideal legal representative to have at your side as you navigate Decatur’s complicated legal system.

What are Quasi-Criminal Matters?

A number of Kevin Franks’ clients express confusion regarding quasi-criminal cases. Often, the term “quasi-criminal” is used to describe cases that are somewhat criminal in nature, but not entirely. A case may be deemed quasi-criminal if it is tried in a civil court but is believed to involve some type of criminal behavior. Although quasi-criminal cases typically involve civil wrongdoing, they afford the accused all of the legal protections given to standard criminal defendants.

Often, the quasi-criminal distinction is attached to motor vehicle offenses that are not considered fully criminal in nature. These may include traffic tickets, parking violations or charges related to driving while ability impaired. Quasi-criminal offenses may also be attached to family court, especially in cases involving parents who refuse to abide by child support or alimony agreements, and thus, are found in contempt of court. Regulatory violations are also commonly deemed quasi-criminal in nature, particularly if they involve hunting without a license or violating health department regulations.

Because there is so much murkiness currently surrounding quasi-criminal law, it is absolutely essential for those accused of quasi-criminal offenses to seek high-quality legal representation. Kevin Franks possesses a thorough understanding of Decatur’s entire criminal justice system, including the complex subset of quasi-criminal proceedings. He will provide the advice and representation you require, ensuring that your quasi-criminal case is quickly and satisfactorily resolved.

 Kevin Franks, LLC: An Excellent Resource For Quasi-Criminal Cases

If you have been accused of committing a quasi-criminal offense, you are encouraged to seek legal representation as soon as possible. Although quasi-criminal charges may not initially seem severe, they can carry surprisingly harsh repercussions. As such, it is best to work with a lawyer familiar with the local legal landscape and quasi-criminal law in general. Regardless of the details surrounding your current case, Kevin Franks will provide the excellent legal representation you require. For all matters involving quasi-criminal law, look to Kevin Franks, LLC as a loyal and trustworthy advocate.

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